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Scandinavian modern table lamp 'Chamotte' by Gunnar Nylund

Reference number:
15.5 cm
44.5 cm
Glazed ceramic


Stunning and high quality ceramic table lamp 'Chamotte' by Gunnar Nylund- Swedish artist and ceramic designer.
This beautiful lamp was produced in stoneware and finished with glaze by Rörstrand-famous Swedish porcelain manufactory.
Stamped at the bottom.
New lampshade included.
Period- ca. 1950

Additional information
  • The table lamp has new wiring 
  • Suitable for light bulbs/ led
  • 1x E 27 fitting
  • Height of the lamp is measured including the shade!

Gunnar Nylund (1904-1997)-  was a Swedish ceramic artist and designer since the 1930s, best known as the artistic director of Rörstrand- a Swedish company that has a long history of producing high-quality ceramics.
Born in Paris, where his parents the well-known Finnish sculptor, Felix Nylund, and the Danish-born Fernanda Jacobsen-Nylund were studying. After short stays in France, the family moved to Denmark and later to Finland in 1911. At the outbreak of the Finnish Civil War of 1918, Gunnar and his mother went back to Denmark where he continued his studies. After completing an architecture internship and studies in ceramics in Helsinki, he started studying architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.
Nylund worked for various companies in his career, first at the Bing & Grøndahl, porcelain factory in Copenhagen and later in collaboration with chemist Nathalie Krebs, he started a ceramics workshop- Saxbo in 1930, which kept making his stoneware until 1932. Nylund worked for Rörstrand from 1931–1955, the majority of the time as artistic director.

Gunnar Nylund was renowned for his revolutionary high-quality stoneware in matte glazes and novel colors.
He was succesfull thanks to his own developed technique to produce the first Swedish matte glazed stoneware and sculptures in shimmering colorful stoneware chamotte, which was very popular and had an important impact on modern Swedish ceramics. He was always eager to experiment with new materials, glazes and decor. The 'Chamotte' pieces are fine examples of his experimentation. In the mid-1930s, the Chamotte was produced both in series and original sculptures. 
Most of Nylund's original sculptures in stoneware chamotte ended up in museums, as did much of his other work.

Scandinavian modern table lamp 'Chamotte' by Gunnar Nylund
Scandinavian modern table lamp 'Chamotte' by Gunnar Nylund
Scandinavian modern table lamp 'Chamotte' by Gunnar Nylund
Scandinavian modern table lamp 'Chamotte' by Gunnar Nylund
Scandinavian modern table lamp 'Chamotte' by Gunnar Nylund