Galerie Anna van Elteren

About us

For a timeless elegance..

When you enter the splendid showroom of Gallerie Anna van Elteren it immediately becomes clear: a beautiful chandelier is something that fits into any interior, classical or modern! The brilliance of warm light in the faceted drops, chains and crystal vases guarantees the viewer a breathtaking experience in any room ...
Anna and Erwin have created a display of only the most beautiful examples which are suspended from the high ceiling. This charming couple are the driving force behind this vibrant company which, through its focus on quality over many years, has built up an international clientele. From the Netherlands to distant Asia.

Anna and Erwin regularly travel to all corners of Europe in search of authentic chandeliers, mirrors or other special objects.They are extremely critical, and only unique and original pieces are given a place in their showroom. But not before they have been thoroughly checked, cleaned, preserved and restored wherever necessary. This entails each part being dismantled, inspected and carefully taken in hand. A painstaking job! Erwin is a technical engineer and therefore responsible for the technical aspect while Anna ensures that the whole is in absolutely perfect condition.

As Anna and Erwin value a personal contact with their clients, visits to their showroom are by appointment only. They would like to share your thoughts on what you are looking for, any special wishes you may have and in which setting the lamp will come to hang.They are happy to think along with you, give you excellent advice and come up with tailor-made solutions.
Once you have found the chandelier, French mirror or design item you are looking for,  you can be certain that what you have is an original and high-quality object with a special story. Indeed, there is no one better than Anna to tell you about its history, their search for it and the restoration of your showpiece.

Perhaps the time has now come for a timeless and elegant chandelier or some other object to grace your home?