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About our chandeliers


An old or antique chandelier is an eye-catching feature in your interior. Out of respect for the history and tradition of the craftsmanship we maintain the chandeliers’ original state as much as possible thus preserving the authentic elements. This means for example, that badly damaged and/or missing glass or crystal drop is replaced by old drop from the same period. This procedure ensures that the chandelier does not lose any of its original value. Consequently, some drops may show slight wear and tear. We also take great care in maintaining the original patina. In most cases, it is necessary to replace the original wiring and fittings in view of electrical safety issues. 

Maria Theresia chandelier


Maria Theresia chandelier

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Maria Theresia chandelier

An example of a 'Maria Theresia' chandelier. Characteristic of the Maria Theresa chandelier is the gold-coloured metal flat frame, covered on two sides with glass plates and fixed with flower rosettes. The arms are festooned with glass or crystal drops;  suspended from below is a facetted or solid glass ball. In the centre of the chandelier there are several decorative vases. Many Maria Theresa models have open centres with an extra lamp and/ or crystal pinnacle.

On the page 'Projects' you will find some examples of 'Maria Theresia' chandelier from our collection in an interior of our satisfied customers.

Maria Theresia' chandeliers fit perfectly in both modern and classic interiors.


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