Galerie Anna van Elteren


Business trip to France

First trip to France after lockdowns..

Trip to France

Buying trip to France

Purchase of the day!- a large antique chandelier in the style of Louis XV. The chandelier is really gorgeous, in good  condition, complete and has beautiful crystals! And that is important for us :)  We will pack each crystal very carefully for transport back home. On this way we protect the fragile crystals that hang so long at this chandelier.. :) 

Antique French chandelier- Galerie Anna van Elteren

Careful packing for the trip

After a long day of work- visiting & discovering the city
The impressive City Hall of Tours- built between 1896 and 1904 by the Touraine architect Victor Laloux. This monumental building and the Place Jean Jaurès evoke a Parisian layout.

City Hall Tours

City Hall Tours

The old centrum and medieval buildings

L'hôtel Goüin- built in the 15th century in magnificent Renaissance style. The house was a property of a family of silk merchants from Tours. Today is the home of Goüin Museum.

Hôtel Goüin